• the core

  • a point of pivot  

  • the point from which an activity is processed or focused.

  • the most important place in the respect specified.

We believe everyone deserves a moment to center themselves...to gather their thoughts and catch their breath.  The Center, a rustic space tucked away in the small, country town of Somerville TX 77879, is pretty much the perfect place.  With a gorgeous lake nearby, eateries down the main street, and all things that make for a relaxing evening on site, come see why The Center helps you to reconnect with your center in the most meaningful ways.

A quick overview:  Sleeps 25 in twin-size beds, 6 showers, 4 bathrooms.  Full Kitchen, large dining room with seating for large group, large huddle room, a tranquility room, a small group room, upstairs deck, large deck around tree, patio space, smoke pit station, grilling station, wrap around porch, and more.  Of note, while you are able to utilize your own personal hotspot, The Center does not provide any wifi-services but instead endorses maximizing your stay by connecting with self, others, nature in the simplest of ways.