deservingly yours



disconnect to reconnect


  • Wellness Weekends are created to hold space for each woman to give her own self permission to check in with herself, to see how she is personally feeling, processing, being, and doing.  

  • Wellness Weekends are created for you to get offline, out of line, and finally aligned to what matters most to you.

  • Wellness Weekends are hosted at The Center, a jewel, nestled right in the heart of country goodness. among a community of like minded women, among a community of us. ​


do everything or nothing or just a little bit of something

no expectations ~ no judgement

flow at a pace that serves you.

  • Sit a while in a rocking chair on the wrap-around porch, OR NOT-

  • Much needed rest; Yes - sleep late and/or long, OR NOT.

  • Make meaningful connections in a community of us, OR NOT.  Perhaps it's the Tranquility Room and connecting with God that gets your focus.

  • Chats & conversations fireside, OR NOT.  

  • Nod off in a nap, feet propped on the upper deck, OR NOT.

  • Catch a sunrise or linger long long under starlit skies, OR NOT.

  • A game of volleyball, sunbathing, spades, Uno, OR NOT-

  • Spin by gorgeous Lake Somerville, OR NOT-

  • Participate in programming led by DRGENALYN, OR NOT

  • Wine down as you wind down, OR NOT


A place for you to catch your breath...

A place for you to catch your breath...

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