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When Darkness Is A Part of The Day!

Daybreak comes y'all, it really does! I know that some of you may be traversing some pretty dark hours. Take a quick listen to how Daddy God structures a day. Let His model of day encourage you to keep going. (Full lesson on Youtube: DRGENALYN)

Keep going because greatness is inside of you.

PS. And another thing Happy Anniversary to The Community. Happy Anniversary Month Queens! We've been riding out this season together since April 2020! An impromptu bible study blossomed into a full community of amazing women who serve up love generously. Our first study was called Silver Linings! Looking back, you all have been the best Silver Lining ever! Indulge in some self- love! Order yourself a copy of Silver Linings today. I feel a chat-it-out reunion coming soon.

Join us LIVE via Zoom or over in The Community, Monday, 8:30 PM CST. Bring a queen-friend!

I honor the greatness in you, every aspect.


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