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Tips & Hacks For Peace In Your Home

I bid you peace sis...

In the spirit of all things peaceful, let's just right in to these tips. 1.  Give what you love a bit of space.  How?  Travelling fits in the "love" category of my favorite hobbies.  Remnants of New York, Rome, Chicago, and Paris are easily found in my decorum.  At a glance, I am reminded of good food, new discoveries, the pleasure of meeting new people, etc.  This quick hack encourages giving what you love a bit of space so that gentle reminders of that which warms your heart easily graces your day at most perfectly needed moments.😊 2.  Set boundaries.  Perhaps, like many of you, I have several projects which can be quite involved.  Without intentionality to do otherwise, we can find ourselves allowing the work of that obligation to become all consuming.  This, however, is so counterproductive to peace.  It is absolutely necessary to construct boundaries that will protect you from external influences, AS WELL AS, the inner overachiever within self.  Afford tasks a certain time frame and then stop.  Like really, stop.  I know that we find ways to justifiable become excessive in our commitment to various demands, but for peace' sake, set boundaries and honor them.  For example, you may determine that you will finish all work at your place of employment.  Once home, you are committed to engaging with family and friends in meaningful ways.  You opt to give your 100% attention to your personal heartbeats.   3.  Thirdly, designate a peace domain, item, or area.  What does this look like?  You may opt to reserve (designate) a certain chair, a room, an area which you use to reflect, think, gather your thoughts, reset, unwind.  For that chair, you do not take business phone calls or finish up a paper on a lap top in that sacred spot.  You honor the space as a good locale to journal, do yoga, pray, or just do nothing.  It is your reset place.  You may opt to choose an item, like a tea cup, which can be generously filled with some hot liquid for your early morning inhales and exhales.   These are just a few quick tips to help us actualize peace in our living spaces.  As the world seemingly gets louder and more out of control, we choose to insulate our worlds with peace.  Keep going sis.  2020 is still our year. I honor the greatness in you. PS>  For more on the peace that He gives, Join us for Meet Me Mondays bible study LIVE @ 8:30 PM CST.  This is truly where we experience that peace that surpasses all understanding.

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