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This Slip Will Not Become A Fall!

That's what I said to myself as I rolled up a bag of Cheetos just this morning and put them away. Now mind you, I knew when I bought them for a group of students that it was going to be an issue. I LOVE cheesy snacks. When I opened the bag to share with them, that one cheeto puff popped in my mouth melted into a second, and a third, and finally into several handfuls. (And all before 8:30 AM....uuuugh!)

Interestingly, the entire time, I was thinking about the six miles that I had just run the previous evening, the less than desirable covid calories that I am still carrying, and the beach trip that is just around the corner. In short, this was not a careless oversight or mistake. Real talk, I was very aware that I was making a misaligned, poor choice that was counterproductive to my personal goals.

Somewhere in between the gooey goodness, I decided to stop.

I chose not to just declare this whole day to be my cheat day, because I have done that before-

I chose not to justify this as Friday or weekend eating, because I have done that before-

I chose not to continue chewing blissfully and say that I will just exercise a bit more, because I have done that before-

And God knows, I chose not to indulge more deeply with the rationale that I will just start again on Monday., NOPE, because I have done that before too.

The slip not becoming a fall is often a choice.

Many of us can relate to walking on a sidewalk and losing our footing. As we feel ourselves slipping. we pretty assertively do everything within our power to prevent a fall. We seldom just give into the downward spiral of a slip and wait patiently to land. Intuitively, we shift, adjust, put our hand out, or perhaps grab a neighboring person or object for support. That same determination is available for any other area of our life.

That impulse purchase does not have to become a blown budget for the month.

That poor food choice does not have to become an abandoned eating plan for the rest of the week.

That bad attitude in the morning does not have to evolve into a whole mood for the remainder of the day.

That word choice does not have to escalate into a full blown argument.

That small fight does not have to become a generational grudge.

That act does not have to morph into a habit that morphs into an addiction.

That offense that made you mad does not have to stretch into unforgiveness forever.

That sin choice does not have to become a lifestyle. (His grace is sufficient.)

The slip does not have to become a fall.

Here are the tangible tips:

  1. Call a thing a thing. When we mess up, choose wrong, or just straight up act up....acknowledge it as such. We give ourselves permission to turn around when we first own that we are going the wrong way.

  2. Go the right way from right where you are. Sometimes, considering how much we have messed up or how far we have to go to get back on track can leave us with a feeling of hopelessness. It can literally feel like, "What good will this change in behavior do anyway?" That's too much friend. Literally, choose to do better in the now without worry of all that has passed or is yet to come. Today, this moment, now.

This slip will not become a fall. It is often a choice.

I choose. We choose. You choose.

As always,

I honor the greatness in you.


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