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Sweeping in the wind-

"Girl", I said as I went back indoors to where my dear friend was cleaning, "I realized I was out there wasting my time. I caught myself sweeping in the wind."

In an effort to prepare for next week's guest arrival, I found myself on the upper deck sweeping, pausing, looking at my lack of desired progress, then sweeping some more. Abruptly, it dawned on me, that the wind was blowing...such a simple aha-moment. Today's sweeping was a waste of my time. Yep, coupled with the fact that the guests were not arriving until next week, sweeping in the wind was making me work extra hard to get almost nowhere and mostly certainly would require repeating the same efforts all over again at a later date.

She and I chatted it out as a quick life reflection. Do we often discredit our effort because the results are not as we desired? It is possible that our efforts are not the problem at all...but rather that we are exerting our efforts at the wrong time, in the wrong season, under the wrong circumstances, with the wrong people, in the wrong location? Could it be that making a decision to exert the same efforts but under different conditions is the simple tweak that we need to see life -changing results?

Here's a bit of EMPOWERMENT ENTHUSIASM coming your way: Before giving you or your efforts the big "L" as loser, try differently. Perhaps, you have previously simply been sweeping in the wind.

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