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Strength In Safe Landings-

Sometimes we need the safety of another to find our strength!

A mother sent me the picture inscribed with these words, "She said she felt safe." I think this may forever be one of my favorite photos. I get it! I know what it is like to lean into people for strength and land in a safe place.

Safe landings for every person who is searching, needing, hurting...

Safe landings for every person who is pouring, giving, serving.

Safe landings for everyone who need to feel strengthened by another.

It is important to have safe landings. It is crucial to be receptive to the ways that they may appear and accept them. In a world that heralds messages of need no one, depend on no one, dismiss your need for affirmation or validation, minimize your dependency on people for anything, I call bull!

To all persons searching, here's bidding your open heart much needed surpassed-expectation encounters. Push beyond past disappointments to discover strength in safety perhaps through your least expected avenues. May strength in safe landings tip toe into your life and delight your heart in immeasurable, unexpected ways in the soon coming days.

I pray the moment was perfect for her then.

Viewing the moment is absolutely perfect for me now.

Thank you Sara.

Strength through safe landings to us all.

Honoring the greatness in you-


PS. Be a safe landing for another as well!

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