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She is sitting on my own nightstand! “AND IS!”

August Read Loading- Why??? I was searching for something y’all that could empower me to connect with this knowing that royalty runs in my veins, ancestrally and spiritually! An easy, daily dose reminder that could pump up me, you, us!

This gem drops nuggets from an extended study on queens who refused to give back their crown, told a king, “No”, stood backside an elephant to hold her ground, another committed suicide, while several helped a nation to win a whole war-so much depth and strength.

While one day she’ll be book-clubbing it all over the globe, right now we’re working through the details on how we're going to journey together through this 31 Day Devotional, Queens See Queens, right here in The Community!

We gone try to get it in August weekday mornings LIVE daily…help me Jesus. Stretch your hands this way. THEN we gone meet up In-Person to chat it out. (Insert confetti here)

Get situated to participate:. Just click the link sis-

I honor the greatness in you.


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