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Navigating A Night Season!

Not that anyone needs me to make a grand announcement because of course you already know. Nighttime is real.

In the midst of several major life changes layered in this here 2020, on the other side of it and looking back, I am sure that I just came out of a night season. Surviving one thing piled on after the next did not leave much time for processing all that was happening in the moment, but yes, with a few minutes and distance, now I know those moments were definitely dark.

In a matter of months, I have packed up and moved two times. Moving in and of itself is a mouthful but twice! SMH A health scare came my way that left me with plenty of restless nights, a position change, a budget adjustment, a shift in a significant relationship, and...

It's the "and" part for me.

Perhaps it's that part for you too.

Maybe you can identify with the feeling of "and" then this happened..."and" that happened...."and" then another thing too! Before you know it, treading situations in life, like doggy paddling in water, is all that you are managing. Yep, working real hard, but seemingly getting nowhere.

Reflecting on a convo with a friend from the other day, I realized that I now speak of those months in past tense. In the same way that the night season slipped up on me, I somehow slipped out of it. And, I am better, that's what I said to her. I won't pretend that I have tons of advisement nor will I use this segment to try and share a few lessons. Instead, I simply want to acknowledge that I am over here holding space for any other queen/person who may be navigating a night season. Regardless of sensationalized perky public posts that can leave others believing that life is always good for everybody else but them, sis- you are not alone, keep going.

Truthfully, it does not always turn around immediately-

Honestly, sometimes things can feel really dark-

Transparently, bedtime during a night season can be the hardest part-

Candidly, there are moments when you have no words or energy to reach for help-

Thankfully, Daddy God will have people reach for you. Let them love you-

Night time ends one day.

I am in the day now holding space in prayer, well wishes, and good vibes for every queen who may be currently navigating a night season.

Again, keep going. Getting up counts as going.

You will find me somewhere holding up a light at the end of your tunnel

I honor the greatness in you.


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