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I know they said winners never quit. They lied.

There's a piece of advice we all have probably heard,

There's merit to it of course,

But, context is really everything!

Don’t quit!

It's the rallying cry for coaches on football fields throughout the nation. It's in the speeches that moms give at spelling bees, cheerleader try outs, little league games, various competitions, over and over again. Regardless of the hurdles necessary for us to jump, keep going - keep pushing.

But it's the other part for me, the necessary lesson of learning when to quit. Kenny Roger's old country song says, "You gotta know when to fold them." That idiom speaks to the core of this blog. While, there are negative vibes associated with giving up, a generic summary of failure if you choose to walk away from a venture of endeavor, or an opposite conclusion that winners never quit, I suggest other than to you.

Winners quit.

Winners know that quitting is a necessary part of the journey.

Yes, many people give up too soon, give up because the way becomes hard, give up because things seemingly are not working as they planned. Other people, however, continue to give time and energy to things which add no value to their lives. Winners understand that it is not a negative to determine that something is not beneficial or productive for your life and thus it will no longer get your time, attention, resources, energy, etc. Think about it, quitting the useless for your life makes more space for the purposeful.

Consider these differences. Giving up can be associated with circumstances being in charge and thus driving a person's desire to bail out. With giving up, the circumstances may have finally gotten the best of a person. On the other hand, quitting can be associated with making a decision. The person is determining that stopping is the best route for them. Consistent lack of motivation, closed doors, and less than favorable results can be indicators that you are a trying to force fit something into your life. Perhaps letting go, quitting, is the absolutely best thing you can to do so that opportunity is created for your true passion.

So here's a quick quit checklist:

  1. Do I enjoy it? (Not that you will always enjoy every moment of something that is purposeful, but there is sense of purpose in what you are doing.)

  2. Are the results equal or greater than the amount of effort and energy given?

  3. Am I still going on a certain activity because of its comfortability or familiarity or something that I have always done, even when it no longer serves my purpose in life

  4. Is my first thought when asked "why" the continuation of a certain thing? My honest answer is a consideration of all the resources I have already invested and I am afraid to have wasted all of that time, energy, money, etc.? Is my continuing fear/regret driven or purpose driven?

A final consideration, do you have a personal experience that defies the rationale of "Do not quit."? Has walking away from some job, some relationship, some apartment complex, or a business venture opened doors beyond what you ever imagined. Are there circumstances and situations that you have quit and would never go back to because what you experienced after is so much better than before?

Perhaps, you too have grown to learn that context is everything.

Take the advice of "Don't quit." in context to determine if continuing or stopping is the best thing for you.

May you find yourself lending time and energy to that which adds value-

As always, I honor the greatness in you.


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