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Her: Have you grown weary of praying for that?

Her: Gena, you should-

Pausing, she cocked her head to one side for a quick moment. You know...that posture when we are thinking through a notion that just popped in our heads.

Her: Sis, let me ask you something. Have you grown weary of praying for that?

Me: Yes.

Her: Ok. I understand. I got you.

These few words said a whole lot.

And just like that, our twenty+ year friendship became even sweeter.

This morning, as I was processing that simple conversation, my thoughts ran to you, to us.

May we all have those people...

-where more is understood than you can ever possibly say.

-where safe spaces exist with no traces of judgment.

-where you can be a person of tremendous faith who also happens to need a bit of assistance with still believing in an area of two.

-where the endgame is not to fix you but instead to cover you.

I got you, she said. And, I received it.


To the one who is yet praying-

Mostly because there is no other option.

If you could have fixed, adjusted, healed, delivered, or altered the situation in any way on your own, it would have been done by now.

Some see your stance and regard you as strong.

You know behind the scenes, for that particular issue, that you have have no other option. You are still praying because-

But, that prayer is perhaps weary.

Another friend described weary praying as "not that I don't believe anymore, I just can't remember the last time that I have even brought it up. I really have nothing else to say- no other way to ask. I know that He can but"

And, those who know, know. You get the essence of weary prayers.

Perhaps you have been there before or you are in that season now.

For the person who may need it,

May this quick blog serve as an acknowledgment much like the one that my precious friend gave me.

You are understood.

No fixing nor judging.

I got you. We've (The Community) got you.

You are covered in our prayers.

PS: May we all be those people for someone else.

Keep going.

I honor the greatness in you.


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