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Dearest Human Soul, It was dark-

So yes, I am sharing from one human soul to another.

Our soul encapsulates our minds, will, and emotions.

That space, at times, for a variety of reasons can be very dark.

There was a lowest of periods when one of my family members really struggled with the darkness, metaphorically and literally. Her mind seemed determined to delve into the pit of worry, anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness, night terrors. There were bouts of fretful tears and worry.

And she-

No we were sad.

Truth is, this type of mental battle impacts more than individual. An on that note, it can impact any individual. By His grace, sanity belongs to us. Perhaps, you too have walked this road for yourself or held up a loved one on the journey.

This courageous soul found her way.

To each his/her own path.

My loved one did not desire to be medicated. Medication for her would have added an extra layer of fear. This is not a prescriptive piece of advisement regarding what is right for another. This was simply her journey, her choice.

She beat it her way. She is still beating it.

The included video gives the details of a major source of her strength.

The supplement is there as a gifted dose of empowerment.

Particularly during this time,

Be safe mentally.

I honor the greatness in you, every aspect.


PS. More wellness videos at

PSS. Busy moms/parents remember to share with you children who are no longer under roof as a quick reference when they need to hear this.

PSSS. And for peace sake...sometimes people too.

Mental Wellness Scriptures
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