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An Exhale...Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

AN EXHALE...Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

I exhale when I know that I am not alone.  Perhaps, you do the same. Like this deep, delicious exhale when you realize that you are not the only one.  Not that we are happy someone else is facing a similar challenge, struggle, and or concern.  It's just something pretty relieving about realizing that another person gets it, they empathize, you're not crazy - the situation is doing the most!  So for the woman on the front row, back row, and all spaces in between...Here's an exhale in your inbox tailored just for you.   You are certainly not alone! It's absolutely not far fetched to acknowledge that women, work from home moms, stay at home moms, business owners, employees, and employers, caretakers, wives, just women in general are juggling challenges, changes, and discomforts all at the same.  Listen, 2020 did not get the memo to follow our vision boards. Many people's lives have been overwhelmingly rocked.  If we are not careful, this year can leave us feeling overwhelmed and under accomplished.  That mental space of feeling as if we are always running behind our desired schedules, falling short, never measuring up, juggling one concern after the other, and chasing time can leave us with a sense of  depletion and defeat.    So exhale right here and take this quick pivot, focus on results, not rigid timelines.  Like sincerely, give yourself as much grace as you do accountability.  All things being considered, if your desired results are accomplished at the end of the month versus the end of the day, alrighty still pressed through to the results!  Perhaps your exhale will come right are not alone if you've found yourself feeling a bit more physically tired lately.  Logically, you may think, I actually move around less but my energy is seemingly more worn out.  Listen friend, remember that these invisible stressors, many that we have simply learned to live with at this point, still carry weight on our minds and ultimately our bodies.  Just because we are becoming more accustomed to masks, societal unrest, and social media frays, isolation, and the like doesn't mean that this is not strenuous on our beings.  Exhale deeply, acknowledge the invisible stressors, and listen to your body.  A good nap has never been a low down dirty shame.  Relax, nap, sleep hard, doze off, and any variation thereof that refuels you to do your next. Lastly, inhale and exhale.  Breathing is literally life.  This may seem quite minor but is yet so important.  For a count of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, take the time to catch your breath allowing in all that is good for your soul, releasing all that is heavy and negative.  Try that inhale and exhale for a five count again, it really will bless your whole life! Let's continue to find our way forward. Of course, we have a whole line-up already unfolding for you as we focus on Shroud in His Strength for the month of September.  If you could use a dose of more strength....yes ma'am, join the community!

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